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Kepros Performance Metrics

hat are the performance metrics and what do they mean?

This page presents monthly key performance indicators for Kepro's utilization review cycle as well as customer service & call center. The data is presented to give providers both a broad level of transparency and general expectation for turnaround times and customer service. For information on the status of a specific review call customer service at 855-444-3747 or submit an online Helpline Ticket through eQSuite at

What does it mean when a review has been pended and how does that impact review turnaround times?

Reviews are pended when additional information is needed to complete the review process. Providers needing clarity about the information request should contact customer service at 855-444-3747 and request to speak with a clinical supervisor for clarification. Providers must submit the additional information within 2 business days of the request. When a review is pended, the review process stops and turnaround times are suspended; once the information is received, the review process resumes; and the turnaround time restarts from the beginning.

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